All rooms

  • Are Air-conditioned
  • Heated
  • Provide morning and afternoon tea and a fully cooked lunch
  • Provide developmentally appropriate programs for all children
  • Have a multicultural understanding to learning
  • Address all children’s special needs, for example,

o        Dietary – Lactose intolerance

o        Medical – Diabetic

o        Physical – Hearing impaired

The staff complete daily sheets for all children in the Seals room so you as a parent know what experiences your child has been exposed to during their day.  With babies this is important as you have at a glance, a list of sleep times, feeds and general health during the day.   In the other rooms, verbal conversation between the parents and Educators  is encouraged to enable us to get to know the family and our children in care.

Seals (ages 0 – 1)

  • Separate sleep room with individual cots and mattresses.
  • Protected inside/outside area for all weather play.
  • Shaded, grassed outside area with a sandpit.
  • Babies formula made up fresh, you only need to supply bottles and formula.
  • Developmentally appropriate program developed from weekly observations.
  • Only eight children in the room with two mature responsible caring staff.
  • A third member of staff is employed to ensure that we always have two staff members working at any given time.
  • Daily sheets completed on all children.

Sea Turtles (ages 1 – 2)

  • Sandpit which is shaded, grassed outside area with large range of outside equipment.
  • Staff follow parents directions on toilet training.
  • Staff provide a very positive and nurturing approach to socially unacceptable behaviour.
  • Displayed developmentally appropriate program, which is evaluated monthly.
  • Staff role model acceptable behaviour by sitting on chairs and eating with the children.
  • Staff display all experiences and are willing to discuss any aspect of your child’s day in depth.

Dolphins (ages 2 – 3) and Sea Horses (ages 3 – 5)

  • Very large grassed, shaded outside area, which provides a natural play environment.
  • Large sandpit under cover, large climbing frame under cover and two beautiful natural trees to provide added shade.
  • Displayed developmentally appropriate educational programs based on extensive daily observations.
  • Rest time is encouraged but not enforced. Non sleeping children are provided with quiet activities.