Programs and timetables are displayed in each room.  We use both the Gardner Theory of Multiple intellences and the Early Years Learning Framework.   In doing this, we take into account the diversity of each child, assessing and understanding their needs as individuals as well as their place within their groups.   The program is “strengths” focused and provides opportunities that are developmentally and culturally relevant and inclusive of our Centre “family”.   The amalgamation of both the EYLF and Gardner Theory has proved to be successful in implementing our Programming.

A structured observation process is applied each day which allows each child to be independent in their choices of play, thus helping them to become confident learners. We keep a portfolio for each child, as a work in progress.   These port-folios are available to parents to provide their feedback and input.   Parents are involved in developing learning and adding to a variety of interests by visiting the Centre and sharing their personal skills, (e.g. teacher parent French lessons, Palaeontologist digging in the sandpit for fossils, sharing of books, reading stories, and cultural celebrations).