Endeavour Child Care Centre is proud to say that we have successfully completed the Australian Institute of Environmental Health Foodsafe Handling Training Program.

The children are provided with a morning and afternoon snack and a cooked midday meal.   The menus are balanced and nutritional in accordance with the guidelines set by the Health Department.    They are on a 6 weekly cycle with a summer and winter menu displayed on the notice board.

Special dietary needs and food allergies are catered for in the preparation of meals.

Children are encouraged to try new dishes but are never forced.

Our Food Co-Ordinator in conjunction with the Director plan the menus on a six week cycle providing all children with the minimum recommended dietary intake of all the food groups.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered once a week and cooked on the premises daily.  Other foods are also ordered and are delivered at the correct temperatures.      Our Food Co-Ordinator also plans the menu for the babies who are just developing tastes for foods other than their bottles; this is done in discussion with parents.

We ask parents to supply the formula and bottles.   This way there is no waste and babies are ensured a fresh bottle at an afternoon feed, not one made up early in the morning and left at the Centre by the parent.

We are always pleased to help celebrate your child’s birthday, but do not allow any foods to be brought into the Centre. Birthday parties can be celebrated with balloons, hats, blowers and bubbles.