Arrivals and Departures

Once you have signed your child in, you must take them into their room and let the Childcare Educator know that you have dropped them off.  Do not leave your child in the foyer or alone in the room as this can be quite distressing for them.

When you pick up your child please ensure that you have let the caregiver know that you are taking your child.

If your child is to be picked up by someone whose name is not on the enrollment form as being authorized to pick up your child, we require a note from you stating their name and that they have your permission to take your child home.  We will also ask for identification, this is to ensure the safety of your child and covers our duty of care.

The Centre will not release the child to any person other than those authorized by you.  If your child will be away for the day, on holidays or is arriving late, please ring the centre and let us know.