About The Centre

The Staff and Committee of Endeavour Child Care welcome you to our Centre.   We hope your association with us will be an enjoyable one.
Our aim is to provide quality of care for all children.  We offer them a safe and stimulating environment and a place where they feel happy to attend, and where parents feel confident to leave their children in our care.
Parent participation is encouraged in all matters affecting the welfare of your children.  Staff are willing to assist in any way they can with problems or concerns about your children.   The Director or any of your childs’ Educator’s can be approached at any convenient time.

Endeavour Child Care Centre first opened in 1988.   We provide care for 55 children each day, from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.
We are assessed/accredited by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority  under the National Quality Framework.
We follow the guidelines laid down by the following departments;

  • Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority
  • Department of Local Government & Communities Education and Care Regulatory Unit
  • Child Australia
  • Department of Child Protection
  • Australian Child Care Alliance
  • Centrelink

We offer both full-time and part-time care on a permanent basis.
The children are grouped in peer age groups as follows :

Age Number of Children Room Name
0-1 8 Seals
1-2 12 Sea Turtles
2-3 15 Dolphins
3-5 20 Sea Horses

The age grouping is flexible depending on the ever changing needs of our parents.  The correct staff/child ratio is adhered to at all times.
At varying times during the week, the children ‘visit’ different areas of the Centre, enabling them to mix with siblings and friends who may be in a different peer group.